Dance Registration | An Unexpected Blessing!

Dance Registration

For the past 7 years I have been teaching and coordinating dance classes for the Dance Ministry at my Church. A new semester is here, and that means it is time for dance registration!

This year for dance registration, I have been placing all of our returning students and new students into their classes for the new dance year. As I go through e-mail after e-mail, I am reminded of God’s faithfulness! Each girl that I place in a class is special, set apart, and called to worship through dance. Some of them have taken classes from me for many years, and some of them are new students.

When I open my e-mails, it is exciting to see whether it is a new or returning student. If it is a returning student, I am able to think back to the past few years and the relationship I have built with that student. If it is a new student, I get excited for the opportunity to get to know her and learn about her and her life.

Each name I place in a class reminds me that I get to invest in that girl over the next year. I will have the opportunity to build new relationships with new students or grow deeper in the relationships with my returning students. These girls are my passion, and each class is an opportunity to show them God’s love and how they can worship God through dance.

As I go over my class lists, I am reminded that I need to stop and pray for each girl individually. Each girl has a story and each girl is special in her own way. They all have their unique backgrounds, personalities, families, goals, and passions. It is a blessing for me to get to watch the girls grow and learn over the course of a year. We go through good times together, and bad times. We pray together, and I get to hear them open their hearts as they share their prayer request. To see them on a weekly basis and become a part of their lives is one of the biggest blessings of all.

Some of my girls I have watched grow up since they were 3 or 4! These girls are now leaders in our ministry who have a heart and passion to worship God through Dance. They also have a heart and desire to serve others, invest in younger girls, and live differently – set apart for the Lord. It is their hearts that I have seen change through the years, soft hearts with a desire to worship the God that gave us the ability to dance.

For me personally, it is more than dancing. It is the element of investing in the next generation that keeps me motivated to teach dance every year. It is a position and an opportunity that I do not take lightly. I am so thankful and blessed that God has allowed me to be a part of our Dance Ministry. It is by His grace and strength alone that I can invest in the lives of these girls!

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