How to Apply Mascara Tips and Tricks!

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How to Apply Mascara Tips and Tricks

I LOVE trying new beauty products! I like to see how they work and how they work best! I am excited to team up with Rimmel with my How to Apply Mascara Tips and Tricks!

Rimmel Mascara Makeup Look

Rimmel is launching the Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara at Target! I am excited to try this mascara because it is supposed to provide instant volume and lash tinting over time! There is a semi-permanent tint that builds from the first application as you use it over a couple of weeks! Plus, the lash color even intensifies with every application!

Last week I got ENGAGED!!! And I am totally thinking of doing my own makeup for the wedding. I am excited to try new looks and products before the big day and see what I like best! This look will focus on soft, neutral, bright eyes! As well as dark lashes for an overall eye look!

I started using Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara about three weeks ago, and can definitely see a difference in the morning before I put on my makeup, or if I happen to go a day without makeup! My lashes were pretty light, so I am excited to find something that helps darken them up! Just a little added tint seems to add a whole lot. Plus, the tapered brush wraps every lash with pigments that make your lashes look fuller and longer!

Here is the before picture…

Eyelashes before Rimmel

and here is the after picture…

Rimmel After 2

As you can see, the difference is super natural and over time builds on itself. I lOVE the natural look and that it’s not overdone.

Rimmel Cosmetics

I added the Rimmel Volume Colourist Mascara to a look using the Rimmel Color Precise Eyeliner with Felt Tip in black! I love the combination of these two along with the Rimmel Professional Brow Liner!! I found all of these products at Target, and you can too! Get them at Target Online or in your local store!

Rimmel Cosmetics Makeup Tutorial

If you are wondering How to Apply Your Mascara, here are my tips and tricks!

Step 1

1) Clean your eyelashes. 

Before I apply my mascara, I like to clean my eye lashes to make sure that they are free from any old clumps or dirt. I use a mixture of Lavender Oil and Tea Tree Oil along with my favorite Homemade All Natural Body Butter! The oils and the body butter help to clean off the lashes before you apply mascara – think of the mixture like an eye makeup remover. Here is more information on the Essential Oils I use.

Step 2

2) Apply your eye makeup.

For this look I applied eye shadow base, then the Rimmel Eye Liner Felt Tip in black, then I used a combination of a matte neutral and a shimmer neutral on the lid. After that I applied the Rimmel Kate Sculpting Cosmetic Set (the lightest color) to the corners of my eyes and some of the pink color to the crease of my eye to help brighten the look! Next I used the Rimmel Professional Brow Liner – WHICH I LOVE – to darken my brows for a natural look! My favorite brow liner I’ve ever used!

Step 3

3) Heat up your eyelash curler. 

Put your hairdryer on the lowest heat setting. Heat up your eyelash curler for a few seconds and then curl your eye lashes BEFORE you apply any mascara. Be sure that your eyelash curler is not too hot before you use it.

Step 4

4) Apply mascara to your lower lashes FIRST.

I find this step to be the hardest one to remember, but when I actually do it, it helps to keep the mascara on the top from smudging.

Rimmel Mascara Makeup Look

5) Apply mascara from the outer corner in and then go back out. 

I feel like once you go from the outer corner in, the mascara on the outside is dry and ready for a new coat!

How to Apply Mascara Square Temp 2

6) Apply makeup as normal and ALWAYS finish with a coat of mascara!

After you apply the rest of your makeup for the look you want, go back for one last swipe of mascara! This is how I finish my makeup routine and get the eye look I LOVE!

Like I said before, I am practicing different looks to wear on my wedding day! I really like this option!

Rimmel at Target

You are going to want to check out these products for yourself, so be sure to head to your local Target! Plus, be sure to check out the Cartwheel Coupon for 25% off all Rimmel Eye Featuring Volume Colourist Mascara! Make up on sale is even better! You can even read more about this product here and see even more reasons to give it a try.

How to Apply Mascara Tips and Tricks

What are some of your favorite looks for weddings? Which of these Rimmel products would you use?

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