Summer Water Tips!

Summer Water Tips

If you are looking for the best Summer Water Tips to keep you hydrated all summer long, here are my favorite options!

I do not like to drink my calories, so having healthy water options that taste good is important to me! These Summer Water Tips are key if you want to stay healthy and hydrated during the hot summer months (or all year long for that matter)! We all know that water is healthy for us, so how can we drink more without getting bored of the flavor?!

One of my favorite ways to infuse my water is with Essential Oils! By adding essential oils to my water I can promote health and wellness as well as receive the benefits of drinking water.

By adding essential oils to my water I am promoting wellness and helping to eliminate toxins in my body.

Summer Water

Lemon Vitality Water

Add two-four drops to your stainless steel or glass water bottle! This is a fresh morning taste that is super easy for a quick and easy grab and go option! Lemon oil is energizing, promotes circulatory support, and promotes cleansing! Since the lemon oil is made from the lemon peel, it does not hurt or effect the enamel of your teeth!

Lime Vitality Water

Add two-four drops to your stainless steel or glass water bottle! Lime oil is energizing and offers a burst of flavor! If you need a pick-me-up in the afternoon, this is your go to oil!

Grapefruit Vitality Water

Add two-four drops to your stainless steel or glass water bottle! Grapefruit is an awesome way to promote healthy weight management! It helps you to feel full and cuts down on cravings! It’s also energizing and uplifting! By putting this oil in your water you can see many great health benefits!

The best part about adding Essential Oils to your water is that you get great tasting water (that makes you want to drink even more) and you are getting amazing health benefits too! I have struggled with maintaining clear skin since college. I am happy to say that since I added essential oils to my water consistently since December my face is completely clear! I am even able to be proud of my skin when I’m not wearing any makeup! The results are amazing and the benefits are numerous!

I know some people think that all essential oils are the same, but you should really do your research before you purchase essential Oils. I only use Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils from Young Living. Young Living is the worlds leader in Essential Oils. They have a seed to seal process so that you know you are only getting 100% Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil.

The vitality line is awesome because it is labeled for ingestion. You can cook and add essential oils to your main dishes, appetizers, and desserts for a pop of flavor! It is important to remember that the vitality oils are the exact same as as their sister oils, just with a different label so that we can talk about all of the great ways you can use these great oils!

Swell Water Bottles

Keep in mind that you only want to put citrus essential oils in a glass or stainless steel water bottle! I LOVE my Swell Water Bottles! Choose from a bunch of different colors from Nordstrom! Plus, get FREE shipping all the time! These help to keep my water cold for 12-24 hours! I love that it keeps them cold and extra refreshing no matter what the temperature is outside!

Young living is an awesome company and I love being apart of the oily family! They promote family, debt free living, and Jesus! They are all about keeping things pure and simple the way God intended.

New Premium Starter Kit from Young Living!

I love that you can try essential oils by getting a Premium Starter Kit for only $160! This is a great deal because you are getting 11 Essential Oils, a Diffuser, NingXia Samples, Oil Packet Samples, Sample Bottles, a Roller Ball Cap, and MORE!

Seed to Seal for Young Living 2016

It comes out to only about $13 for each item in the starter kit! For me that’s a great deal considering all of the health and wellness benefits that are available! I’d love to help you get started! Sign up as a Member and receive 24% off any additional purchases!


There is no obligation to sell or to ever buy again. I love that you are not strapped in to a monthly auto-ship program right away.

*I didn’t start getting my auto shipment until after a few months of using the oils and seeing how much they benefited my life! Now I get a monthly shipment (of my choice) and I earn points for free products! YAY!

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