5 Essential Oils Your Man Will LOVE!

Essential Oils Your Man Will Love

Curious about Essential Oils and how to get Your Hubby on board?! Here are the 5 Essential Oils Your Man Will LOVE!

These are 5 Essential Oils Your Man Will Love! Get them on board by showing them some of the oils that can benefit their bodies too! After using essential oils on and around my Husband for the last year and a half (since we were dating and now that we are married) I am excited to share with you some of his favorites!! Plus, here are even more oily recipes and tips!

5 Oils for Men

Top 5 Essential Oils for Men

Purification Oil

1) Purification

I think Ryan tells me every day how much he loves Purification. We diffuse it in our living room and kitchen to keep things smelling fresh and clean. I will even add a couple of drops of lemon sometimes, but I think Ryan just loves straight Purification. We have an inside dog (that I just inherited when we got married), so I love purification to keep the “dog smell” away!

Recently he has also asked for a diffuser on his side of the bed to diffuse purification at night. I don’t know if it’s the citronella in purification or what, but he loves the smell!! (And I love that it takes away bad smells, so I can live with his request)! 🙂

Lavender Oil

2) Lavender

Once I found three bottles of Lavender on my husbands night stand! That’s when I knew for sure that he had an obsession! There are many ways he uses this oil, and he’s reminded me that we always need to order it so we don’t run out!

Bath Salts: If you hubby loves to relax in the tub then this is one he he must try. Ryan loves to wind down from the day or after a long workout. Easy for him to throw together without being too much work!

Beard Oil: My hubby loves to keep his beard looking nice and soft without getting dry, most of the time he will use lavender neat on his beard without a carrier oil. Sometimes I will make him a spray bottle with V6, Lavender, Cedarwood, and Wintergreen for a musty manly beard oil!

Massages: One of our favorite things to do is to use oils on each other before bed. If we just want to wind down for the night, lavender is our go-to oil of choice! We keep it by the bed and use it daily! One of our favorites!

Bedtime Diffuser Recipe: Whether he knows it or not, we diffuse lavender every night in our bedside diffuser. I put lavender, cedarwood, and raven and the diffuser runs all night long!

Peppermint Oil

3) Peppermint

Tummy Support: My husband sometimes needs extra tummy support, if you know what I mean. He will often ask me for the peppermint to rub on his belly when he needs extra support. We keep peppermint throughout the house, and I always take it on trips

Breath Freshener: My husband doesn’t always like to chew gum, so peppermint vitality oil is a great option for fresh breath! He knows I keep a bottle in my purse, so he will ask me for it when he wants to freshen up a bit and go for those nice minty kisses! 🙂

Minor Head Tension Relief: After a long day sometimes he just needs extra “head support”, if you know what I mean again:). I will put some peppermint on the back of his neck or on his temples for quick relief to get on with our day. I love that he knows this helps, and that he’s willing to ask for it/use it when he needs it!

Deep Relief

4) Deep Relief 

This is another one of our post-workout/bedtime oils. Perfect for a quick massage before bed to help soothe tired muscles. Sometimes he works out so hard and starts to feel it later that day or the next day. This easy to use roll-on is perfect for him to apply, or me to apply to specific areas of his body – especially shoulders, backs, and knees!

Ortho Ease

5) Ortho Ease Massage Oil

This oil pretty much does what it’s called. If you can tell, we love to relax and wind down with out oils. We LOVE massages and ending our day well. This oil is so soothing and easy to apply! Perfect for tired muscles and bodies!



6) Oregano Oil

Another oil that your man will go crazy over is Oregano! It has so many health and wellness properties! It’s great to apply to the spine or feet with a carrier oil! Great for immune support and wellness!

Essentials Oils for Men

I realized after we got married that I have to keep extra of these oils & products on hand because he uses them every day! But, I love that he loves Young Living Essential Oils as much as I do and embraces this oily life of health and wellness with me! If you have any questions about these oils, let me know. Or if you are trying to get your Husband to love oils as much as you do, let’s talk!

Oils for Men

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Essential Oils Your Man Will Love

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