5 Must Have Essential Oils for Wedding Planning!

5 Essential Oils for Wedding Planning

Here are my 5 Must Have Essential Oils for Wedding Planning!

It is no surprise that I love essential oils, but it is a surprise that I narrowed it down to 5 to carry in your handbag this wedding planning season! Here are my Top 5 Must Have Essential Oils for Wedding Planning!

Stress Away

Stress Away – It does what the name says! Wedding planning can get stressful, especially when things don’t go the way you expect them to in your head. Diffuse this oil or rub it on your wrists and breath it in! You can also put this behind your ears and on the back of your neck!

Valor – Also known as the “brave oil”! Do you have meetings to go to that you are nervous about? Meeting with photographers, bakers, friends, family, and more trying to get everything planned? WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING?! Okay – now you know what I’m talking about. Keep Valor with you in your purse for those “bride moments” when you need extra support! Valor can also be diffused! Pictured is Valor II because Valor is sometimes out of stock – they have a little different combination but still promote the same things!

Lime – If you are like me and adding wedding planning on top of a busy schedule, you will want to keep Lime Essential Oil in your purse! Lime is an all-natural mood lifter! Put a drop on your neck or rub it on your wrists and breath it in! It will immediately lift your mood and have an uplifting effect! I can be super tired before I apply lime and then awake and motivate after! I’m not sure how it works, but it sure works for me! Lime can also be diffused!

Thieves – Immune support – YES PLEASE! I am planning a Winter Wedding, which means there is no time to slack on my wellness routine. I need to build and support my immune system as much as possible this wedding planning season! I will surely be diffusing this one and keeping it close by when I need extra support! Thieves Tea, a drop of Thieves in my Mouth, or Thieves on my feet! There are so many ways to support the immune system with Thieves! Ask me for more if you are curious how this could work for you!

Lavender – Lavender Oil is great for promoting relaxing! Add Lavender to your Bath Salts, your diffuser, or to your body topically. Lavender is the swiss army knife of oils and does SO MANY THINGS! Promote health and wellness and relaxation with this one! Definitely a favorite of mine and I diffuse it every. single. night while I sleep!

How to Order Essential Oils

If you are interested in Essential Oils, I recommend Young Living Essential Oils! The Premium Starter kit is the BEST VALUE to get you started!!

With the NEW Young Living Premium Starter Kit you will get the following 11 Essential Oils (5 ml bottles)!…

Thieves Vitality
Lemon Vitality
Peppermint Vitality
Copaiba Vitality
DiGize Vitality
Stress Away

You will also get the Dewdrop Diffuser, a Roller Ball topper, 10 Sample Packets, 2 NingXia Red Samples, and Informational Literature. 

The Premium Starter Kit is $160, which is an AWESOME deal considering that you get 11 oils to try and a great diffuser! E-mail me at Julie@lemonpeony.com to see what great deals and specials I may be offering right now through LemonPeony.com! I love to help my readers out and I am so thankful for each one of you!

hEmbrace Wellness New 2016

Essential Oils are great for boosting health and wellness and creating a lifestyle of natural living. By getting rid of the toxins in your home you are able to boost your wellness for you and your family. Check out some of my favorite ways to use Essential Oils in the image above!

I love that Essential oils are safe to use on kids, pets, and in your everyday life.

Spring Wellness with Essential Oils

Promote Seasonal Wellness

If you are looking to promote seasonal wellness, these three are your go-to oils! LLP is the BFF blend for people who need a little seasonal boost! Keep these close and apply them topically, in the diffuser, or take them internally! I use these three all the time and I am amazed by the difference they make!

Here are the three ways to use Essential Oils…


Apply directly to skin or with a carrier oil.

2) Aromatically 

Diffuse these oils in a diffuser or in the palm of your hand.

3) Internally

Take the oils internally with a vegetable capsule or in your favorite food and drinks.

The reason why I choose to use Young Living Essential Oils is because of their Seed to Seal Process. Young Living is committed to giving you 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil. Most oils you find at local natural food stores contain about 5% of essential oil and are still labeled “pure”. That is not okay with me. Young Living has a standard of growing their own plants from the seed to the seal. They Seed, Cultivate, Distill, Test, and Seal their products at Young Living Farms or Young Living Approved Farms. All of the oils go through many test to be sure that we are getting the highest standard of quality!

Sign up as a “Member” and receive 24% off all Young Living Products! There is no obligation to sell or make a monthly order as a member. Just great discounts for you! Plus, your membership will be valid for an entire year! After a year just place any $50 order to reactivate your membership — super easy and no strings attached! You will get an awesome deal on a starter kit and have the opportunity to order more oils at a lower price!

If you are interested in sharing oils with your friends, let me know and I can help you make your own link at no additional cost to you! There are some great opportunities with Young Living if you are looking to help pay off debt or make a little extra money. I would love to talk to you about these opportunities!

Sign up now and take advantage of this great offer! I’d love to help you through this process! Send me an e-mail at julie@lemonpeony.com and I’ll give you a special wedding gift from me to you (even if you aren’t getting married)! 🙂

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