Childlike Faith – The Power of Prayer!

Childlike Faith

Have you ever really stopped to think about what it means to have Childlike Faith?

I work with children all of the time, so I get to see what true childlike faith looks like on a regular basis. I am always amazed at the trust and faith that kids have in people and in God. For the most part, they do not question or doubt. They trust.

They trust that God hears their prayers.

They trust that they are loved.

They trust that they will be taken care of.

Yes, circumstances may be different for each child, and some really have tough things going on in their lives. But if you get down to the heart of a child, there is a beautiful innocence and faith that I long for in my life. An innocence that brightens their eyes and makes them hopeful for each new day. They have a faith that isn’t based on circumstances, but on a complete sense of trust and acceptance.

Have you ever listened to the prayers of a child? They are sweet, innocent, thoughtful, pure, and tender. They are willing to pray about ANYTHING and are not held back by the idea that a prayer is “too small” or “too large”. They share what is on their heart, believe, and trust with everything in them. They believe that God hears them, loves them, and will answer them when they call on Him in prayer.

I am blessed to teach ballet to many different girls in the dance ministry at our church. It is amazing to me how God will challenge me and teach me so much through the lives of these girls. One of the biggest areas I’ve been challenged in lately is in my prayer life. Hearing my girls’ hearts and struggles has shown me that nothing is too big or too small to bring to the Lord in prayer. They have taught me the importance of praying for healing and praying for others.

Before we start each class, we get in a circle, share prayer requests, and pray. I am so thankful for the transparency and faith that my dance girls have. They are so thoughtful, kind, and full of prayer requests for their families, friends, and anything that may be on their hearts.

It always amazes me how willing and bold my girls are to share their prayer requests. Some prayer requests may seem small compared to cancer or losing a loved one, but it doesn’t matter. My girls know that they can pray about anything, and that Jesus will listen to their prayers. They are quick to ask me for my prayer request, and after hearing feedback from their moms, I know that they are faithful to pray for me and remember my prayer requests even when they are at home. This is such an encouragement to me because I know that they are learning how important the power of prayer can be in their lives.

Matthew 19:14 is one of my favorite verses in the Bible. Maybe it is because God has given me a heart and passion for working with children, and maybe because it teaches that children are so important to Jesus.

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14

I love how Jesus made time for children and had a heart for them. I love that Jesus wanted to be near children and did not send them away. I feel like we can learn so much from them and their complete trust and surrender – even when they don’t have all the answers. Their childlike faith can be so contagious and encouraging to me.

Sometimes I wish I had that kind of faith and trust all of the time. Not just when things are going good, and not when things fall apart. But to live my daily life in such a way where I know that God hears me, that I am loved by my creator, and that He will take care of me no matter what! That I can go to the Lord in prayer about ANYTHING because there really is power in praying.

Praying God's Word

One of my favorite things to do is pray scripture back to God. Promises that He has given to me, and words of Love that He has for me that He wrote Himself through the power of the Holy Spirit. I Recommend the book Praying God’s Word by Beth Moore if you are looking for a place to start when it comes to Praying through God’s Word.

Praying Day by Day

You can also pick up Praying God’s Word Day by Day by Beth Moore that focuses on daily prayer through scripture! I love this because it gives you a different passage each day that you can claim over your life.

How am I doing when it comes to praying for others? I know there are times when I wish I would think outside of myself and really engage and pray for my friends and family in their deepest time of need. Maybe the need isn’t so big, but isn’t it just as important? I want to grow in this area. I want to be a prayer warrior with childlike faith trusting that God hears me and that He is in control!

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