DIY Homemade Cooling Spray!

DIY Homemade Cooling Spray

Looking to stay cool in the summertime heat but want to keep everything safe and natural? This DIY Homemade Cooling Spray is for you!

I make this DIY Homemade Cooling Spray when I know I will be outside in the heat and looking for relief! It’s so easy to make and works so well! If you haven’t tried it, you should!

We use this when we go watch fireworks, hiking, picnics, and playing outside! There are several events each year which are almost unbearable without it!


DIY Homemade Cooling Spray

Here’s What You Need:
15 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil
Spray Bottle

Add Peppermint Essential Oil to a Spray Bottle.
Fill with water.
Place spray bottle in the fridge to chill.

Keep in mind that you can carry this in a cooler that you have with you at the park or picnic with an ice pack, or it doesn’t have to be chilled. It will work either way, but keeping it chilled is a nice bonus!

Spray as needed!

Kid friendly and also helps to keep outside annoyances away!

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