DIY Homemade Dog Recipes!

DIY Homemade Dog Recipes! Pamper your Puppy Pets with these simple and easy recipes for dog shampoo, snacks, treats, toys, freshener, odor remover, and more!

DIY Homemade Dog Recipes

These DIY Homemade Dog Recipes are PERFECT if you want to pamper you pets! Create these recipes for your pets to show them a little extra love this week! FUN and unique ideas that spread the puppy love around!

Plus, here are a few of our favorite Dog Recipes

DIY Homemade Dog Recipes


1. DIY Toothpaste for Dogs – Lemon Peony

This recipe has done SO well and we absolutely love it! It’s nice to have a doggie toothpaste to freshen our dog, Huntley’s breath.


2. DIY Homemade Dog Shampoo – Lemon Peony

This is another DIY go-to easy recipe! It’s so simple to make and it works SO well! My husband says it’s one of the best shampoos he’s ever used on our dog!


3. Homemade Dog Treats with Almond Flour – Lemon Peony

These were super fun to make! You can make them any shape you want, or you can do simple circles so it takes less time. Our dog was a huge fan!

Fresh Breath Dog Treats

4. Fresh Breath Treats – DIY Dog Mom

How cute are these!? If you’re not wanting to get a tooth brush out, these are a super simple way to keep your dog’s breath fresh on a regular basis.


5. Homemade Frozen Chicken Dog Treats with Greek Yogurt – Miss Molly Says

These scream summertime! A fun way for your dog to cool off with a yummy treat!


6. Homemade Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats – Three Little Ferns

I’m all about easy and simple! With only three ingredients, you can throw these together in no time!

Apple Chews for Dogs

7. Apple Chews – Easy Vegan

Our dog will LOVE these! He loves to chew on bones, so I know these will be a hit!

Frozen Strawberry Treats

8. Frozen Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Dog Treats – The Cottage Market

YUM!! I mean while I’m at it, can I just make these for myself?! They look SO good!


9. Three Ingredient Frozen Dog Treats – Live Laugh Rowe

These make me smile – SO CUTE and the perfect frozen dog treat for summer!


10. Frozen Coconut Oil and Blueberry Dog Treats – Living La Vida Holoka

Another frozen favorite for your puppy! These look so good and I think my dog would love them!

DIY Homemade Dog Recipes! Pamper your Puppy Pets with these simple and easy recipes for dog shampoo, snacks, treats, toys, freshener, odor remover, and more!

Which of these recipes are your favorite!? I can’t wait to hear which one you will try first! Plus, be sure to check out this Chemical Free Dog Spray for Stinky Dogs!

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