Easy DIY Paper Bag Gift Basket Tutorial
  • Here's What You Need:
  • Brown (or white) Paper Sacks
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Betty Crockerâ„¢ Sweet Rewards Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar
  • Betty Crockerâ„¢ Sweet Rewards Caramel Brownie Bar
  • Votive Candal Holders
  • Tissue Paper
  • Flowers
  • Note Cards
  • Stickers
  1. Cut the paper bag at the bottom fold.
  2. Cut top part of the bag in half.
  3. Take one of the pieces and wrap it around the Sweet Rewards Bars and tie with string.
  4. Open the bottom part of the bag and stuff it with tissue paper.
  5. Tie a piece of string around the basket.
  6. Stuff the basket with a hand written note and a single flower!
Recipe by Lemon Peony at https://lemonpeony.com/easy-diy-paper-bag-gift-basket-tutorial/