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Free Essential Oil Giveaway for December 2015 - Christmas Gift Ideas

The holidays are here, and I am excited to announce my Free Essential Oil Giveaway for the month of December!

I have been using Young Living Essential Oils for over 18 months now. It is amazing the difference I have seen in me and my family since we started using Young Living Essential Oils. My Free Essential Oil Giveaway for December is a FREE 15ml Bottle of Cedarwood Essential Oil!

This is an awesome deal on theYoung Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit! The Premium Starter Kit Includes 10 Bottles of Essential Oils in the Everyday Oils Kit + a Bonus bottle of Stress Away Oil in your Wholesale Membership Package. That’s a total of 11 bottles of essential oils to try! Plus, you will also receive the Diffuser, Samples of NingXia Red, Starter Guides and more!

If you are wondering what to put on your Christmas list – or what to get someone in your family, the Premium Starter Kit really goes make a great gift idea for Christmas!


Cedarwood Essential Oil

The entire month of December I will be giving away a FREE 15 ml bottle of Cedarwood Essential Oil when you order a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living using Member #: 1714306.

This is my Christmas gift to you as well as an awesome Resource Material, and a 25 Essential Oil Recipe Book!

Cedarwood is one of my favorite oils that I use every. single. night. in my diffuser! My go-to night time recipe to diffuse is Cedarwood and Lavender. Depending on the time of year or how my body is feeling I add Eucalyptus or Raven too!


Embrace Wellness Lemon Peony

I recommend getting the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living! This kit is only $160 when you sign up as a Wholesale Member, and has over a $300 Value!

By signing up as a Wholesale Customer you’ll save 24% on all future purchases + there are some great deals to get you started! This is how you get the Premium Starter Kit, and there are no strings attached or obligations to purchase or sell anything in the future.

Hello Oils 8

Here are the oils included in the starter kit:

Young Living Growing Process

The Premium Starter Kit is GREAT if you are new to essential oils! Plus, I love the Seed to Seal guarantee that Young Living offers! Young Living Essential Oils are the only Essential Oils that are Therapeutic Grade.

Diffuser Options

1. Head over to the Young Living page here and fill out your information.
2. Be sure the “Wholesale Member” option is checked so that you don’t end up paying retail prices.
3. Be sure the “sponsor ID” and “enroller id” say 1714306 (so that I can send you your freebies!)
4. Select which starter kit you want to get. To get the freebies, you’ll need to check the option that says “Premium Starter Kit“. You can get the kit that’s $160!
5. I’d recommend skipping the Step 3 (Optional) part of the sign-up process.
6. Go through the checkout process.
7. After you sign up, send an email to letting use know that you signed up through this promotion. Somewhere in the email, be sure to put the promotion code “LEMONPEONY”.


Just so you have a better idea about what you get in the Premium Starter Kit, Here are a couple of images to show you all of the great samples and products that are included! I love that you get to try the 2oz pouches of Ningxia Red and sample packages of thieves, lemon, lavender, and peppermint to share with your friends!

Sample Bottles

You also get 10 of these sample bottles to either make your own blend or take your favorite oil on-the-go! These are great for keeping the oils with you so that you can use them in the office, at school, or send them with your kids (or hubby)!

Starter Kit

All of this comes in a great package with the oils and the diffuser! The perfect set to get you star

IMPORTANT: This promotion is only available when you sign up with the sponsor ID and enroller ID as #1714306. Also, if you recommend this promotion to a friend (or group of friends) and they sign up too through this promotion then please let me know by sending an email to so that you can get credit for referring them. :)

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