How to Eliminate Wedding Stress!

3 Ways to Reduce Wedding Stress
If you are planning a wedding and looking for How to Eliminate Wedding Stress, you’re in the right spot!

I am right there with you. I have asked myself over and over about How to Eliminate Wedding Stress and some of the same ideas keep coming up! I hope to share these ideas with you just in case you are newly engaged and looking for some tips and tricks for keeping this season of your life stress-free and enjoying the entire process! Plus, here are even more Wedding Hacks for planning your big day!

How to Eliminate Wedding Stress

1) Pick Your Top 3 Wedding Dreams

This is SUPER important. It is so easy to get caught up in all of the small details of a wedding (napkins, plates, appetizers, snacks, what to throw when you’re leaving the church, colors, flowers, and more) that you forget to stop and think through what is actually important to you.

Take a moment to sit down and think of the Top 3 Things that mean the most to you when it comes to dreaming about you wedding. Is it the photographer? Perhaps the cake is something that’s a big deal to you… Your wedding dress? Hair/Makeup – wedding shoes?! It may be different for every bride, but you have to know the three things that you are set on, and the areas where you are willing to compromise depending on your wedding budget/size of your wedding.

For me, my top three things were 1) Wedding Photographer, 2) Wedding Dress, and 3) Saving Money.

The last one is a little vague, but it pretty much means that I wanted to stay on budget wherever I could. I cut small things and adjusted what I needed to in order to stay within my wedding budget. Let’s admit, weddings are just expensive. It doesn’t matter if you are paying for it yourself or if your parents are paying, it’s important to have a budget and know the areas that are important for you and what you want to invest in for your big day.

Knowing my top three wedding dreams or “wedding goals” makes it a lot easier to say “no” to cute ideas on Pinterest and the cultural mindset that “every bride does it this way”. I know that at the end of the day we will be married and the small things won’t even matter.

2) Have a Plan

Having a plan when it comes to wedding planning sure does make things go easier. When you first sit down after getting engaged, start looking at the calendar. How far away is your wedding and what steps do you need to take first when it comes to planning a wedding.

Now that my wedding is almost planned, I still have a plan on what needs to be done for the final preparations before the big day. Some of my plans right now include: When do wedding invitations need to go out? What dates are good for bridal showers/couple showers/bridal parties etc? Do you have a timeline for getting your dress altered and fitted before bridal photos and the wedding?

You also have to have a plan when it comes to the wedding day. Here are some things to be thinking about that you can plan now so that you aren’t overwhelmed closer to the wedding day.

Who is going to set up/clean up the rehearsal dinner?
Who is going to help you set up the wedding ceremony?
Who is going to help you set up the reception?
Who is going to help you clean up the wedding ceremony and reception?
What is the bridal party going to eat on the big day?
What is the bride and groom going to eat after they leave the reception?
Who is going to pick up the bride’s dress if she wears it as she goes away?
Who is going to return the grooms tux?
Who needs to be involved in wedding/family pictures on the day of?
Who is in charge of questions and coordination on the day of the wedding?

These are just a few of the questions that are flowing through my brain. Do you have a plan? Have you thought through all of the events that are being planned?

The best thing that you, as a bride, can do is to delegate some of these tasks to your wedding tribe and people that you trust. If you have a support system of family and friends you can create specific rolls and jobs for each person so that you are not throwing too much at just one person.

Have someone different in charge of the rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony, and reception. Spread the work out and let that person delegate what they need. Even if you already have it planned. Get someone that you trust to make sure things run smoothly and has the same vision that you have.

4) Stay Organized

Now, if you have a plan and you think through the logistics of planning a wedding, the most important thing you can do as the bride is to STAY ORGANIZED.

Get a wedding planner to keep everything in one place, or use your favorite online app or program where you can keep all of your notes and information close by. If you are prepared and have a plan, then being organized helps things run even more smoothly. Do the people you want to coordinate each part of the wedding know that you need their help? Have you asked them? Have you written down important phone numbers and information in one place so that someone else could figure it out too?

Being organized is a great way to eliminate stress before your wedding because you know that you have a plan and you know that you have taken the weight off of your own shoulders by asking others to help you through this time.

Wedding can be a lot of fun, or it can be super stressful. Make sure you take a step back and look at what is really important so that you do not have to waste your energy on things that don’t even matter to you as a bride. Remember, this is your and your fiancés day. Make it special for the both of you. Make it a time that you, as a couple, can enjoy for years to come! Happy wedding planning!

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