Modest Fashion | Don’t Wear That

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Modest Fashion | Don’t Wear That

I have always struggled to find my ‘nitch’. My passion. Something to write about that gets me so fired up I can’t help but to put it into words. Well, I may have found one, it’s not new, I’m just now willing to talk about it.



Modest Fashion.

I grew up and a very conservative home where modesty was important. We were allowed to wear pants and shorts and dresses, but it was always required that what we wore was modest.

I remember I used to want to wear a 2-piece bathing suit or be upset when my mother wouldn’t let me wear “that dress”. I wanted to be like the world.. I wanted to dress like the world. I wanted to “fit in” and be part of the culture that I was living in.

I went through a period of not really caring about modesty – I mean I would say I still dressed modestly, but I was okay with wearing “the dress” or “those shorts”. I didn’t figure it really mattered because I didn’t have a boyfriend, I wasn’t wearing it to draw attention, and who cares what I wear anyway…

Well I guess my perspective has shifted and modesty has become a more important issue in my life. Here I am, now almost 30 years old, and fashion has become a huge passion in my life. I love to find a new, different item and wear it all over town! I have always believed in modesty, but now I’m starting to understand the importance of it.

As our culture becomes more and more sexualized and younger girls are watching and wearing what our culture says is acceptable, it breaks my heart to think of how we are cheapening the worth of our bodies and causing other people to stumble because of what we wear.

Modest Fashion for Summer

With social media screaming in our faces, it is hard to get away from what culture says is “fashionable”. It seems the less you wear the more you get noticed. But how can we teach our girls and the next generation that there is a better way? How can we help to guard the eyes of our brothers and get their eyes off our skin?

This is becoming even more important to me as I now have a boyfriend and see how hard it is for him to guard his eyes in our culture. I see all of the things that are thrown in front of his eyes without him even going to look for it.

I also see how my six-year-old niece is affected by fashion and modesty. She sees things on TV or that her friends are wearing and wants to do the same. Am I being the example of modesty to her that she needs to grow up strong in this over-sexualized culture?

I am not saying that I can fix our culture, but I am saying that we can take the idea of “modesty” and help girls desire modesty in a new way that is trendy and is fashionable. Modesty is beautiful and it allows us to be who we are without flaunting our bodies.

Modest Fashion

I hope to share fashion options and ideas to dress modestly and still be trendy! I LOVE fashion and style! Beauty trends and getting good deals on clothes!

Come along with me on this journey. Take the challenge to stand firm and not to compromise your body in the name of “cultural norms”. Be different and be beautiful. Be wise about what you wear and think of who it effects before you put it on.

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