Worship through Dance | My Passion. My Calling.

 Worship through Dance

Worship through Dance. It is one of my favorite things to do. My passion. My calling.

I believe God has given me the passion and desire to Worship through Dance so that I can praise Him with everything that is within me. Dance is something that has been a part of my life since I can remember. Whether it was doing kids’ choreography growing up, making up dances with my sister, figure skating through my teen years, or taking and teaching ballet, I believe God has always given me a passion to praise and worship Him through dance!

Dance is a way I can express myself when I do not have any words to say. Any emotion I am feeling or thinking can be released and crafted into something that is not of me and not for me. It takes the focus off of myself and puts it on my Creator, the One who gave me the ability to dance! When my focus shifts to God, all else fades away. All of my problems, stress, anxiety, worry, doubt, and confusion seem to disappear when I focus on the One who created me to be just who I am.

The best part about worshiping through dance is that there are no limits. I don’t need an audience, stage, choreography, costumes, or cameras to be able to worship. Deuteronomy 6:5 says I need to “love The Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, and strength”. When I love Him with everything that is in me, worship flows through my body and my passion for dance can shine through no matter where I am or the circumstances that surround me.

One of the most blessed times of worship for me is whenever I am listening to music. It takes everything within me to try to stand or sit still and keep my body from praising Him with all that I have. Thankfully, I can close my eyes and dance in my head and feel His presence so near that I know God can see me dance as if my body was actually dancing each move and not just imagining it. I can picture the choreography in my head, and the best part is that it is always perfect – not for me, but for Him! No one can critique it, no one sees it, and no one is judging my “technical ability”. It’s just me, my praise, turned in to dance, to glorify His name! In my head I can see the choreography, I can listen to the lyrics, and I can feel the music deep down in my soul. It is these precious times that fuel my passion and give me a desire to dance with excellence for Him!

Dance allows me to express my worship to Him in a way that is personal and real. It is a time where I can be unhindered and release every emotion I am feeling. A time where I can lay my heart, mind, and soul before the Lord and worship Him with all that is in me – nothing held back! It doesn’t matter if I’m dancing by myself or in a group, I can let go and give Him all I have to offer.

These sweet moments of praise give me a burning passion to worship through dance and to train my body to be the best that I can be with the abilities He has given me. I may not be the most skilled dancer, but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that He has given me this desire to dance for him, and called me to use my gifts to worship Him! Through these gifts I can teach other girls to worship and praise The Lord through the ministry of dance! Dance ministry is where I believe God has called me to serve and mentor girls of all ages.


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