DIY Bath Salts Recipe | Only 2 Ingredients!

DIY Bath Salts Recipe

Check out this DIY Bath Salts Recipe if you are looking for a nice relaxing way to end your day, or searching for great DIY Gifts or Mother’s Day Gifts!

This DIY Bath Salts Recipe only has 2 ingredients and is so easy to throw together!  Bath Salts also make great gifts for friends because it is something that they can use enjoy for themselves!

How to Make DIY Bath Salts

Here’s What You Need:
2 Cups Epsom Salt
12 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

1) Combine Epsom Salt and Essential Lavender Oil in a Mason Jar

2) Shake!

Homemade Bath Salts

Yes, it is really that simple! I added a little Epsom Salt and Essential Oil at a time when I was making my recipe so that it was mixed really well. Since most Mason Jars come with lids, this is a great way to mix, give, or store your Bath Salts! Tie a cute ribbon around your jar if you are giving this away as a Wedding Party Gift, Mother’s Day Gift, or Birthday Gift!

Epsom Salts

Be sure to grab some Epsom Salt if you are looking to make this recipe at home.

Homemade Lavender Bath Salts


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