Homemade DIY Christmas Gifts using Essential Oils!

Homemade DIY Christmas Gifts using Essential Oils! Here are some Cheap, AMAZING, and easy Gift Ideas for Your Family, Friends, Neighbors, or Co-workers!

Homemade DIY Christmas Gifts using Essential Oils! Here are some Cheap, AMAZING, and easy Gift Ideas for Your Family, Friends, Neighbors, or Co-workers! #lemonpeony #christmas #giftideas #homemade #essentialoils

These Homemade DIY Christmas Gifts are PERFECT if you are trying to stay on budget but want to do something special for your family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors.

All of these gift ideas use include Essential Oils or can include essential oils as needed. So many cute ideas to choose from!

Plus, here are the things you need to store your recipes. These are the go-to containers and supplies I purchase when making my DIY Recipes or Gift Ideas!

1oz. Glass Jars

1oz. Spray Bottle

Glass Jars (Multiple Sizes)

Roll-on Bottles (pretty colors)

Script Essential Oil Roll-on Bottle Labels

Custom Roller Ball Labels

Lip Balm Containers

Bath Bomb Molds

Homemade DIY Christmas Gifts


  1. DIY Homemade Body Lotion – Lemon PeonyThis is my FAVORITE Body Lotion! I use it EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. and it leaves my skin feeling SO SOFT! The best part is the recipe doesn’t actually have essential oils in it. That means you can use it as a carrier oil and add-in whatever oils you need for specific body support!


2. DIY Lavender Bath Salts – Lemon Peony

Sometimes you just have to stick with simple. Simply add lavender essential oil to epsom salts for a relaxing bath! Add in stress away for added benefits!


3. How to Make Your Own Lip Balm – That’s What Che Said

This is SO cute and would make a GREAT gift idea for friends and family!


4. Bath Fizzies – Saving Dollars and Sense

Make personalized bath fizzies for Christmas and hide a special toy inside! These are great for stocking stuffers or for anyone on your list!


5. Creamy Peppermints – Saving Dollars and Sense

These Creamy Peppermints look SO good! Perfect for giving to your neighbors or co-workers for Christmas!


6. Candy Cane Sugar Scrub Recipe – Saving Dollars and Sense

This Sugar Scrub will be a hit for Christmas! Love that it is so easy to make and festive! The red and white combination make it look just like a candy cane! I can’t wait to try this and give them away as gifts!

Peppermint Lip Balm

7. Homemade Peppermint Lip Balm with Printables

Here is another Lip Balm Recipe that screams Christmas! Add these as a stocking stuffer or give them to your girlfriends for Christmas! This is a simple gift idea that inexpensive and so easy to make!

Lavender and Joy Bath Bombs

8. How to Make Bath Bombs – Really Are You Serious

Bath Bombs are a HUGE hit for the holidays! This recipe includes Lavender and Joy which is an amazing combination!

Sleep Bath Bombs

9. Sleepy Bath Bombs – Really Are You Serious

Here is another Bath Bomb Recipe that will help someone relax and unwind after a long holiday party! Perhaps you know someone who needs a gift basket with a combination of the two! 😉


10. Chocolate Peppermint Sugar Scrub – Really Are You Serious

This is another fun recipe for the holidays! Love the peppermint and it would make a super cute gift idea!


11. Homemade Peppermint Fudge – Recipes with Essential Oils 

This looks SO GOOD and only takes a few ingredients. Another easy gift idea for friends and family!


12. Bath Salt Ornaments – Passion for Savings

These are ADORABLE and make super cute gifts for Christmas! Change up the colors or keep them white!


13. Homemade Lotion Bars – Passion for Savings

These are another perfect gift idea for Christmas! You could always use a holiday mold to make it more festive!

Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas! Cheap and affordable gifts for friends, neighbors, and family on a budget!

I’d love to know which is your favorite and which ones you are going to make this year!

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