Easy Calendar and Organization Hacks!

Easy Calendar and Organization Hacks! Tips and Tricks for Cute and Cheap Calendars, Planners, and Stickers to help keep your busy schedule organized. 

Easy Calendar and Organization Hacks

These Easy Calendar and Organization Hacks are SO helpful! I am a HUGE fan of all things calendars, stickers, planners, and cute supplies that help me to feel like I’m organized. The thing about these hacks and ideas is that they actually work and help me to simplify my schedule and keep me on track!

With these tips and tricks you can focus on the things that need to be done most and feel cute and creative while you’re planning out your day/week. 

Plus, here are even more Organization Hacks

Daily Calendar Hacks Organization Tips and Tricks

How Do I Keep My Schedule Organized?

The most important thing for keeping my schedule organized is to write down the top 3 things that need to be done. When I prioritize these three things I know my top goals and it helps keep me on task to the most important things that need to be done. Writing down my to-dos and plans for the day gives me a game-plan to stick to and not get distracted!

How Can I Get Better at Scheduling? 

One of the things that helps me with scheduling is keeping my planner or daily planning sheets where I can see them. I need the constant reminder of what is important for that day and what needs to be done. Another thing that helps me is keeping a monthly calendar so I know what the week ahead looks like. 

How Do You Organized Your Daily Work? 

I organize my daily work into top priorities. I have three main goals and then smaller goals. Sometimes the smaller goals can wait till another day, but if I get the main three out of the way I know what to move onto next. This helps me feel accomplished and successful without feeling overwhelmed. 

Calendar Hacks and Ideas

Here are the three supplies I grabbed to help me get organized! 

Easy Calendar Hacks

Bloom Daily Planner/Calendar

The Bloom Daily Planner/Calendar is SO Cute and Helpful! I got the pineapple version because I love that the pineapple stands for Hospitality! Choose from many different cover options and color combinations!

Besides having many colors and patterns to choose from, you can choose from the academic calendar that runs August 2019 – July 2020 or the full year calendar that runs January 2020 – December 2020. Here are all of the style options to choose from!

I love this simple Palm Leaves Planner and this Adorable Floral Pattern

When it comes to what I look for in a planner or calendar, I really enjoy having the entire month visible when opened. I like to see what’s coming up in the weeks ahead without having to turn the page. 

Also being able to map out my weeks by day is another big thing. I use this part mainly for meal planing or important tasks that have to get one that day/week. 

Planning Pages Productivity Hacks

Bloom Daily Planning Sheets

I am a HUGE fan of these Daily Planning Sheets! You can customize each day and write down your top three priorities for that day. I like to fill out my planning sheet the night before so I know what my goal is for the next day.

Once I have my top three goals accomplished I can move onto smaller goals for the week to help me stay productive and keeps me moving on to the next thing. 

I also love having a place for meal planning and writing down what we are going to eat that day. It helps to keep me organized so I’m not planning a meal last minute or running through the drive-thru. I think it really helps me save time and money. 

Calendar Stickers

Productivity Planner Stickers 

These Productivity Planner Stickers are SO cute and just a little extra for your planner! I am not a big fan of my hand writing so being able to apply cute stickers for important days and events is HUGE! It makes me LOVE the creative process of my calendar and also keeps me coming back and USING it on a regular basis. These stickers are TOTALLY worth it to me and there are several different sets you can choose from! 

Calendar Tips and Tricks

All three of these items really help me get my weeks and days organized! What helps to keep you on track during your busy days and weeks?!



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