Essential Oils for Seasonal Wellness!

Seasonal Wellness

I have been asked a lot recently if there are any  Essential Oils for Seasonal Wellness, so here are some of my go-to recipes with Essential Oils!

Tis the season for seasons changing, especially where I live. Here are my favorite Essential Oils for Seasonal Wellness so that I can get on with my day and leave the tissues behind. There are 3 Essential Oils that I like to use for seasonal wellness that are the BFF’s of Essential Oils – Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint. There are many different ways to use these oils, it just depends on what you are comfortable with and what you have going on for the day.

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First, you can always diffuse these oils in the diffuser. Diffuse these at night, in the morning, or in the afternoon. Whenever you are home for a couple of hours and can enjoy the smell and get the oils in your system and in the air.

Seasonal Wellness Recipe to Diffuse: 
3 Drops Lavender
3 Drops Lemon
3 Drops Peppermint

Apply Topically:

Another way to promote seasonal wellness is with Topical Essential Oils. Mix up the following recipe to rub on your chest, back, and feet! I like to use this in the mornings when I wake up needing some extra relief. Re-apply 3-4 times a day for all-day relief.

Topical Seasonal Wellness Cream Recipe: 
2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
3 Drops Lavender
3 Drops Lemon
3 Drops Peppermint

*Always remember to dilute essential oils when you are using them on kids with either Olive Oil or Coconut Oil. Also, keep in mind that citrus oils can make you sun sensitive. If you are going to be in the sun, just put the mixture on your back or the bottom of your feet where it will not be exposed to sunlight.

Coconut Oil

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Glass Container

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Take Internally:

Another way you can get great Relief with Essential Oils is to take them internally. Keep in mind that you should only take Young Living Essential Oils Internally. You can put Essential Oils in Vegetable Capsules, drink them in water, or put them in honey!

Seasonal Wellness Capsule:
4 Drops Lavender Vitality Oil
4 Drops Lemon Vitality Oil
4 Drops Peppermint Vitality Oil

*Vitality essential oils have the same oil as the original Young Living Oils, however the label is different and it is labeled for internal use.

Combine all 3 oils in a vegetable Capsule and take it internally 2x a day.

Vegetable Capsules

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Keep in mind that I am not a Doctor or a Physician. These are just some of the things that others who use Young Living Oils and myself have tried and seen some great results when it comes to allergy season. I am just sharing my experiences with you in hopes that it helps you and your family too!

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