Easy Christmas Dessert Recipes

Easy Christmas Desserts Recipes! The Best Sweets for Christmas including Sugared Cranberries, Red Velvet Cake, Christmas Cookies, No Bake Christmas Treats and More!

Here are my favorite Easy Christmas Desserts Recipes! From cakes and cookies to pies and fudge, there is a treat for everyone!

A close up view of a Christmas Brownie propped up on a cookie sheet

 Plus, here are even more Easy Christmas Dessert Recipes!

Close up Hot Chocolate Cupcake

Reasons to Love Easy Christmas Dessert Recipes:

  • Simple and easy! All of the these recipes are great for when you need a quick treat!
  • All different kinds of sweets and flavors – there’s something for everyone to enjoy! 
  • Packed full of flavor! Tried and true recipes that are sure to be a family-favorite in your house!

Someone holding a Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookie

Here’s what you will need to make these Easy Christmas Dessert Recipes:

  • Basic pantry items – So easy to make without fussy ingredients! I love cookies I can just whip together with things I already have!
  • Don’t forget the Holiday Sprinkles and M&Ms?! Who else stocks up on holiday baking supplies at the beginning of a holiday season!?

Stack of 3 Sugar Cookie Fudge squares

Easy Christmas Dessert Recipes!

Whether you are looking for cake, cookies, pie, or fudge – here are my top Easy Christmas Dessert recipes!

Above view of a Red Velvet Cake

1. Simple Red Velvet Cake Recipe!

Be sure to try this Simple Red Velvet Cake! So easy to make and packed with flavor! The cream cheese frosting is AMAZING too!

Above view of several No Bake Grinch Cookies on a plate

2. No Bake Grinch Cookies!

I LOVE how cute these No Bake Grinch Cookies are! Made with Golden Oreos and almond bark, this recipe is super kid-friendly! Make them for your next movie night!

Someone holding a Christmas Brownie

3. Christmas Brownies!

These Christmas Brownies are the perfect treat this Christmas! Simple, festive, and so yummy! If they aren’t already a favorite they soon will be. Be sure to try them this Christmas season!

Someone dipping a graham crackers into the Christmas Tree Cake Dip

4. Christmas Tree Cake Dip!

Christmas Tree Cake Dip using Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes! This recipe is so unique and fun to make! It’s for sure to be a favorite! Be sure to try this for your next Christmas party!

A scoop of White Chocolate Pretzel Crockpot Christmas Candy with a bite taken out

5. White Chocolate Pretzel Crockpot Christmas Candy!

I love how simple this White Chocolate Pretzel Crockpot Christmas Candy is! It’s great for making ahead of time. Just dump the ingredients in the crockpot, mix, scoop, and serve!

Someone dipping a graham cracker into the Sugar Cookie Dough Dip

6. Sugar Cookie Dough Dip Recipe for Christmas

This Sugar Cookie Dough Dip is so easy to make, plus ! The sprinkles and M&Ms make it SUPER festive! Serve it with any kind of wafer, fruit, or graham cracker at your next Christmas or holiday party!

Collage of pictures of Homemade Christmas Munch

7. Homemade Christmas Munch Recipe

If you haven’t tried this Homemade Christmas Munch Recipe, you need to! Packed full with popcorn, Snickers, pretzels, and chocolate chips, you will be making it again and again! The perfect holiday snack or gift for neighbors and friends!

Sliced Sugar Cookie Fudge squares

8. Sugar Cookie Fudge Recipe

This Sugar Cookie Fudge is one of my favorite recipes to make for holiday! Super simple and easy, make it ahead of time for a Christmas party or as gifts for friends! So tasty! You can even easily switch out the sprinkles for any holiday! 

White Chocolate Candy Candy squares stacked on a plate

9. White Chocolate Candy Candy Fudge!

This smooth and creamy White Chocolate Candy Candy Fudge is delicious! And so easy! I love the candy canes sprinkled on top!

Someone holding a Hot Chocolate Cupcake with a bite taken out of it

10. Hot Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

These Hot Chocolate Cupcakes are SO cute and fun to make! They even have a surprise inside! Perfect dessert to make for any holiday party!

Close up of a Hot Chocolate Cookie with a bite taken out

11. Easy Hot Chocolate Cocoa Cookies Recipe!

Packed full of marshmallows and chocolate chips, these Easy Hot Chocolate Cocoa Cookies are so good! They are so simple to make – be sure to add these to your holiday cookie list! They will quickly become a favorite!

Someone holding a Triple Chocolate Cookie with a bite taken out of it

12. Triple Chocolate Cookies Recipe!

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! These Triple Chocolate Cookies are full of flavor and SO delicious! And the holiday sprinkles on top are so fun!

Stack of 3 Pecan Pie Bars

13. Pecan Pie Bars without Corn Syrup

I can’t get over how good these Pecan Pie Bars are! Besides being so simple to make, they are packed full chocolate chips, pecans, and coconuts. YUM! The perfect treat for the holidays!

A bite of Homemade Chocolate Chip Pie on a fork

14. Chocolate Chip Pie Recipe

Need a dessert for a Christmas party? Try this Chocolate Chip Pie – SO good! It’s one of my absolute favorite dessert recipes! Whether you make the pie dough from scratch or not, this is such an easy and simple recipe!

Close up of a Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookie broken in half

15. Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cinnamon!

Make these Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies for your next cookie exchange! These cookies are bursting with so much flavor – cranberries, cinnamon, and white chocolate chips! So easy and simple!

Close up of Cinnamon Sugar Pecans in a bowl

16. Cinnamon Sugar Pecans Recipe!

Now, these Cinnamon Sugar Pecans are a holiday classic treat! Be sure to try them this Christmas season! Perfect for an afternoon snack or as gifts for co-workers and friends!

Above view of Sugared Cranberries o top of a cake

17. Sugared Cranberries Recipe!

These Sugared Cranberries are the perfect decoration for your Christmas dessert! With only 3 ingredients, they couldn’t be simpler. Plus, they are so pretty!

Colder weather, fireplaces, and the smell of cookies in the oven is just magical! Warm and inviting, there is something special about Christmas treats! Be sure to try more than one this Christmas season!

Christmas is the time for sweet treats! Whether you’re needing a fancy dessert for a holiday get-together or something fun for the kids to make, these recipes are great for any occasion! 

I can’t get over how EASY these recipes are! With just using basic pantry ingredients (plus some holiday sprinkles) and you can create delicious desserts! Treats that look AND taste amazing!

Add a beverage to go along with your Christmas dessert with one of these Easy Holiday Punch Recipes! A list of super simple, kid-friendly, drinks to try this Christmas season!

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